You Are Not Alone

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Most of us don’t delight in weakness, limitations, and vulnerabilities. You’re never going to see a Marvel movie about an average human being like you and me struggling to make it to payday, yelling at their kids, or being overcome with debilitating anxiety. Millions flock to theaters to down popcorn and watch superhero movies precisely because the heroes don’t have the same limitations we do. They have powerful weapons, can manipulate time, overcome gravity with flight, and perhaps most miraculous of all, look flawless in full body spandex. We love superheroes because they’re invincible.

But I’m not a superhero. And I’m guessing you’re not either. For over eighteen years, I’ve struggled with chronic depression and anxiety. And the trouble with chronic depression is that it’s well, chronic. Which means that although I’m blessed with a wonderful support system, a flexible job, medicine, and a talented counselor, the depression keeps coming back with a vengeance.

I don’t know what grief, addiction, abuse, trauma, or suffering you’re carrying, but I do know that we aren’t meant to do life alone. As the church body, we share both the joys and the sorrows. We mourn and laugh together. And we bear witness to one another’s pain and point each other to the light.

Here at IBC, we have a robust Hope and Healing ministry that includes Recovery, pastoral counsel, referrals to professional counselors, and nine different support groups for numerous pain points, including grief, divorce, healing from abuse, and being diagnosed with cancer or a chronic illness. In these support groups, you’ll find true community, genuine support, a safe place to process your hurt, and tools to take the next steps in your healing journey.

For me, trusted friends and family members have served as a lifeline in my depressive episodes, reminding me of what is true when I cannot see it for myself. So let me extend that same truth to you: “You are not alone. Your IBC family cares deeply, and there is hope.”

If you or a loved one aren’t okay, start by first admitting that. And then invite a trusted friend or family member into your story. If you need a starting place, is a great place to begin.

Together, let’s seek the hope and healing Jesus offers.

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