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Sweet Treats Illustration Color

May and June bring some wonderful things: weddings, graduations, the end of school. And then the not-so-wonderful heat comes rolling in you wish you had an ice cream truck following you wherever you go. Well, Chatter to the rescue! It’s not quite as convenient as an ice cream truck following your minivan, but here are some local ideas for sweet treats to help you and your community cool off this summer. Invite a neighbor and his or her kids, your Home Group, Bible study table, or your Life Group, and head out for some good conversation and a yummy treat!

Here’s the rundown.


Pokey O’s Cookies and Ice Cream

Location: Dallas

Located near the SMU campus, this small shop makes delicious ice cream sandwiches with fresh, warm cookies. We recommend the fudge nut brownie cookie with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Of course, you can also get just cookies or just ice cream for those who don’t want the combo. (We don’t know who that would be, but we understand those people might exist). We kid of course. We know everyone wants ice cream and cookies! 


Location: Forth Worth

Melt is a local Fort Worth spot featuring homemade ice cream in unique flavors from its cheerful yellow storefront. Melt’s menu changes each month and features collaborations with Dude Sweet Chocolate, local breweries, and bakeries. If you can’t do dairy, be sure to check out its vegan options made from coconut milk. 

Bahama Bucks

Location: Lewisville + eight other locations

With nine locations around DFW, Bahama Bucks specializes in the smoothest shaved ice ever with 91 different flavors to choose from. We recommend wedding cake and strawberry topped with Tropic Crème. 

Steel City Pops

Location: Dallas and Fort Worth

These aren’t your childhood popsicles! With flavors like Avocado and Buttermilk, you are sure to find something different to cool down with this summer. (Editor note: for those of you who are gluten-free. SCP’s whole menu is GF, so go ahead, enjoy that cookie pop!)

Motor Sisters

Location: Dallas

This funky outdoor soft-serve stand was inspired by Rosie the Riveter and their menu items are named for famous women. Try the Amelia Earhart with Nutella, peanuts, and crushed pretzels, or the T. Swift shake with fruity pebbles, whipped cream, and sprinkles. It’s the perfect place to learn something new with the kids about some famous women as you enjoy a Nellie Bly sundae. 

Cuppa Espresso Bar

Location: IBC

Cuppa Espresso Bar, located right here at IBC, has some delicious summer specials — but they always have their traditional Liege-style Belgium Waffle. We like it plain (the sweetness and buttery nature of this waffle need no help), but you can add ice cream or a range of sauces on it for something a little fancier.

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