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As I sit here and think of all of the things I want to say to you, one thing is at the forefront—you are loved. You are loved, exactly as you are, right where you are by God. As I was crying on a Zoom call to a trusted spiritual director this morning about all of the ways that I feel stretched thin, sad, and like a failure in this season of social distancing and staying at home, she reminded me of this one truth. “Tiffany, God loves you right where you are. You are not here randomly. This time and season in your life is not an accident.” What is birthed from this season is yet to be determined, but I’m clinging to the promise that God meets us in our comings, our goings, and all of our in-between places.

Perhaps you too find yourself in an in-between season. In-between going into the office and working at home. In-between caring for an elderly parent and hoping that you’re not carrying a virus. In-between seeing a friend for coffee and reaching out to that friend via Zoom. In-between dropping your kids off at school and homeschooling. In-between planning and achieving. In between. It seems our very lives are lived in-between yesterday and tomorrow, in a strange and wonderful place called today. And here’s the truth: It’s always today.

Today. Today is where we find ourselves. For some of us, we need to surrender our unrealistic expectations and embrace what is. You may have entered this season with every intention of being the all-star mom who excels at 5th grade math, makes lunches worthy of a Michelin star, and also deep cleans the pantry. Take a breath. It’s okay if that’s not your reality. Embrace your gifts, talents, limitations, season of life, and cheer on those whose reality looks different from yours. Your life looks different from your neighbor’s life, and that’s okay.

Others of us may find ourselves stuck. You may be overwhelmed by fear, unmotivated, depressed, or simply so tired it’s hard to function. In uncertain times it’s natural to grieve. Most of America is grieving the loss of normalcy and the sense of safety and security we once had. Everything has suddenly changed, and your body is aware of what your mind may not be—grief takes a toll. So please rest and recharge. Don’t just veg in front of the TV, but truly do what brings your soul refreshment. What is life-giving for you? Is it calling a friend and sharing with her your prayer request? Is it reading God’s Word and soaking in his truth? What about taking a walk outside and notice the trees budding or sitting on your patio and reading a good book? Maybe it’s playing a game with your family and laughing unreservedly or simply savoring your favorite beverage early each morning. Whatever it is for you, please know that you’re worth it. You’re worth taking care of, and your soul is worth attending to.

And finally, probably all of us could practice slowing down enough to see the gifts of today. God is always at work. He is always present. And his fingerprints are all over today if you have eyes to see them.

The unexpected gift I got today was from my 6-year old friend who wanted to FaceTime. After 10 minutes of giving me a tour of her house (including the dirty laundry), meeting all 4 pets, and showing me her loose tooth, she mentioned why she wanted to talk. Her grandpa had died an hour earlier and she was sad. Mentally putting on my big sister/ pastor hat, I was preparing to walk her through the sorrow of death, the joys of heaven, and the fact that she will one day see him again. But instead, she preached to me. “You know, my grandpa is in heaven now. He’s fishing, playing football, and he’s so happy. He’s with Jesus, and I’m happy for him. When I get there, I’m going to ask for lots of puppies.” Then she changed the topic and showed me her new purple glasses.

And I just sat there and cried. Because here was a little girl with a keen awareness of God’s love and his fervent desire to be with us, whether on earth, in heaven, or in the new heavens and new earth to come. God loves you and meets you right where you are, in-between places and all. May God open your eyes to see his fingerprints all over your today.

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