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  • Michael's Story
    IBC Stories

    Michael's Story

    In July of this year, Michael Agnew got the news that doctors had found a tumor near his stomach. Due to the size and placement of the tumor, a cancer diagnosis was likely.

  • Joe's Story
    IBC Stories

    Joe's Story

    Joe Mendez is a living example of a full circle moment. Joe was born in El Paso but spent the first five years of his life living in Juarez, Mexico with his parents.

  • Jasmine's Story
    IBC Stories

    Jasmine's Story

    Jasmine Bibbs was introduced to church at a young age, but she didn't always have a relationship with the Lord. That changed in college, and she began faithfully serving local churches.

  • The Power of Your Thoughts
    IBC Stories

    The Power of Your Thoughts

    Have you ever started crying in a public setting and felt the need to apologize? Or maybe even hide the fact that you were getting emotional all together?

  • What if I don't want to read the Bible?
    IBC Stories

    What if I don't want to read the Bible?

    After growing up in a Christian household, being immersed in biblical community, and serving and leading within the church, I found myself in a season of not wanting to participate in the "Christian To-Dos". I found it difficult to admit to my mentor and friends not that I just wasn't reading the Bible but that I didn't want to. But then, the more I talked about it, the more I discovered that for many Christians, Bible reading - especially the part of a daily devotional schedule - is one of the bid "shoulds" of faith. Many of us have been told that we should read the Bible, but we've hardly ever been told how to stick with it or why we should want to in the first place.

  • A Profound Experience
    IBC Stories

    A Profound Experience

    We set up our tent, had dinner together, and got settled in for the night. There was conversation and laughter everywhere. You could feel the peace and our night was serenaded by someone in the camp who was singing beautifully and playing the guitar. Everyone signs up to help with the cooking and cleaning, so we woke up Saturday morning to a team of people preparing the famous “awesome breakfast.” The day consisted of hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, and all kinds of fun, I even took a nap!