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  • Soy Latina en Cristo

    Soy Latina en Cristo

    The art and practice of building cultural and linguistic bridges has been a rhythm I have incorporated into my life since I could remember. As a child to immigrants who came to this country in pursuit of a better life, I was consistently reminded of the beauty of Colombian culture and language while navigating the nuances of being Colombian-American.

  • I Could Never Be a Missionary

    I Could Never Be a Missionary

    The family poses awkwardly in front of the hut they now call a home. The dad sports his cargo shorts, safari hat, long socks, and button-down shirt. Mom shows off her handmade modest dress as she holds her two-year-old with one hand and carries her two-month-old in her baby wrap. The older children manage to painfully smile, hoping for the moment to be released to go back to play with their friends.

  • In Fenway as it is in Heaven

    In Fenway as it is in Heaven

    The sun was nearly setting after a warm summer day in 2012 as I experienced my first major league baseball game in person. Walking eagerly into Fenway Park with my freshly purchased paraphernalia, all of my senses were locked in and I joined strangers in rooting for our home team, the Boston Red Sox. I was first welcomed by the overwhelming aroma of ballpark franks, spilled lager, and overpriced popcorn. Strangers wearing similar Red Sox colors hurried past me to find their seats hoping to get a glimpse of the hero whose jersey they proudly sported.