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  • El Mandató Cultural

    El Mandató Cultural

    If you happen to notice more Mexican or Latin American flags this weekend, it’s not because someone missed the Cinco de Mayo memo. In fact, September 16 is Mexican Independence Day and September 15 is Independence Day for several other Latin American countries, all kicking off National Hispanic Heritage Month!

  • Suffering and Glory

    Suffering and Glory

    Three weeks ago my wife and I put down our sweet Border Collie, Maverick.

    It has been the darkest day of my life thus far and it was the hardest decision I have ever made. Putting him down reminded me of the sting of death. I hate death.

    Like me, maybe you’ve been acquainted with death of a loved one. Maybe you’ve experienced some type of suffering because of the broken world we live in, because of your own sin, or because of the sins of others.