What If...

The Gospel is Good News for Young Adults

This year, young adults at IBC is asking the question, What if? It’s a yearlong journey exploring six different “what if” questions:

1. What if the gospel is good news for young adults
2. What if God is calling us to something more
3. What if things don't go as planned
4. What if we make room for others
5. What if we change our church
6. What if we change our city

What if the gospel is good news for young adults?

We could all use a little bit of good news. It feels like the world is falling apart and there’s no way to stop it. And we are shaped by this world. We’re influenced by the media, family, friends, society, and it profoundly impacts the way we see ourselves and others. And we develop a narrative, a story that we tell ourselves, that says you’re on your own, people can’t be trusted, the world is beyond repair, and the church doesn’t care. But, what if the story we tell ourselves isn’t true, what if there is a better story? What if there is good news?

Join us for a 4-week series replacing our current narratives with Jesus-centered ones.

Join us Thursday Nights at 7 pm in the Commons at Irving Bible Church starting January 12 for this brand new series.

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