Re-Made: Young Adult Retreat

ReMade: Young Adult Retreat

Re-Made: Young Adult Retreat

We are made in the image of God. The creator of all things loves you more than you can imagine and created you, uniquely, to bear his image in the world. This is our true identity. However, because of sin we exchange the truth God gives us for a lie and seek to find our identity through wealth, appearance, power, and others. Instead of worshiping the creator who designed us, we worship the things around us, the idols of the modern world, searching for something that will make us feel complete.

The pursuit of these things continually disappoints us, leaving us empty and disillusioned. Jesus is the only one who can restore what was lost, the only one who can truly complete us. Jesus, in his grace, restores our identity and because of his work on the cross we are Re-Made in the image of God.

Spend the weekend with us as we set aside the created things we pursue and uncover our true identity. Join us on August 20-21 for a one-night retreat in Valley View, Texas.

Cost: $80

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Towering Oaks

Just 50 miles North of Dallas, Towering Oaks Event & Retreat Center is located in gorgeous Valley View, TX and just a stone’s throw from Lake Ray Roberts.

528 Northshore Ln

Valley View, TX 76272
(833) 339-6257

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