Glorious Purpose

Young Adults New Series

Glorious Purpose! It's what the Marvel comic character Loki proclaims as he relentlessly pursues something that will give his life meaning. Watching this play out on TV, his pursuit might seem a little ridiculous, but we’re all searching for something that gives our lives meaning. Maybe it’s climbing the career ladder, accumulating all the things, or influencing more people. What happens when we get it - the career, the things, the it actually meaningful? Or are we just chasing some glorious purpose that really isn't all that glorious?

What if our glorious purpose isn’t about what happens in the end? What if it’s about what happens at the start? In the beginning God created us all with a glorious purpose where we live out his vision for the world. A vision of love, beauty, and self-sacrifice. A lot has come in between us, God, and his beautiful plan. But God is constantly pursuing us, reminding us that we can trust him and that his purpose is better.

Join us starting October 21 at 7 pm in The Commons at Irving Bible Church as we study the book of Ecclesiastes and the pursuit of Glorious Purpose!

Thursday Night Gatherings are a time for worship, teaching, and storytelling followed by our Thursday Night Discussion Groups.

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