Young Adult Spring 2020 Calendar

We think screens are fine but face-to-face is better. Come meet others, grow in your faith, and learn to live the ways of Jesus.

Gather with us in Spring 2020!! Learn more about each event and gathering by visiting

January 4th - Social Hour
January 19th - Welcome Brunch
January 23rd - Thursday Night Gathering 

Feb. 6th - Thursday Night Gathering
Feb. 8th - Social Hour  
Feb. 20th - Thursday Night Gathering 

March 5th - Thursday Night Gathering  
March 7th - Social Hour  
March 19th - Thursday Night Gathering  
March 20 - March 22 - Young Adult IF Gathering / Guys Night 

April 2nd - Thursday Night Gathering  
April 11th - Easter Festival / Social Hour  
April 16th - Thursday Night Gathering  
April 30th - Thursday Night Gathering 

May 14th - Thursday Night Gathering  
May 16th - Social Hour