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The Under Resourced

IBC partners with organizations that provide for three critical areas of need for under-resourced: Medical care, emergency housing and food, and clothing assistance

Medical Care

  • The Kinwest Clinic


    We are a free and charitable medical clinic for those without medical insurance or financial means to pay for basic healthcare services. We do not provide emergency or trauma care at our clinic, but can provide basic medical care and health education for you and your family.
    Kinwest Clinic

Emergency Housing and Food

  • Family Promise

    Without a family shelter in Irving, Family Promise stepped in to fill this gap. Their day center allows for showers, laundry, job searches and a place of stability. They partner with Irving churches to provide overnight stays, meals, and transportation.

    Serve with us

    When families stay at IBC:

    Provide & serve one of the meals
    Stay as an overnight host
    Transport families to and from the day center
    Repair cars for families
    Serve clerically at the day center
    Organize a shampoo, toiletries, or laundry soap drive

    Pray with us

    For 3 new host churches and 5 buddy churches
    For affordable housing options for graduating families
    For wisdom in connecting families to counselors, communicating both their dignity and the benefit of counseling during crisis.

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  • ​Crisis Ministries (formerly BBMOI)

    Crisis Ministries meets the needs of those who are in a temporary crisis situation with food, spiritual counseling, rent and utilities assistance, and/or referrals to other appropriate agencies (housing, jobs, government assistance).

    Serve with us

    Crisis Ministries, is in need of pre-packaged plasticware and packages of men’s and women’s underwear for their “road warriors”.

    Drop these off at 114 E. 2nd St. Irving, 75060 Mon, Tues, Wed or Fri 10-1:15, or the 2nd & 4th Saturdays 10-12.

    They would also love to be able to include notes of encouragement with the bags of groceries they give out. You can electronically send these notes (with first name signature only) to [email protected]. They will be printed out and included with the food given out.

    Connect clients to resources & follow up

    Financial coaching
    Be a bilingual interpreter
    Volunteer to pick up food at local grocery stores
    Stock the shelves
    Organize a food, shampoo or laundry soap drive

    Pray with us

    That we would be led by the spirit, bringing glory only to God.
    For volunteers to manage communications, public relations and grant writing.
    For patience and wisdom with our building, whether to add on, remodel, or relocate.

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  • Great Days of Service

    Great Days of Service is an Irving collaborative housing rehabilitation effort.

    Serve with us

    Check back for 2021 dates to help clean up yards, paint, help with construction, or provide a sack lunch for the crew. There is always a need for skilled electrical, masonry, plumbing, and HVAC labor.

    Pray for us

    Please pray for safety of all our workers.

    For this to be a blessing to both those who give and those who receive help.

    For the love of Christ to shine through each volunteer and that the recipients would be drawn closer to his love and grace.

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Clothing Assistance


    The Main Place is a boutique seeking to serve the clothing needs of homeless teens and their families in Irving. They provide free clothing, shoes, accessories, and foundation garments.

    Serve with us

    Until further notice, our facilities will not be open to volunteering. If you have questions about other ways you can serve these ministries, please go to www.irvingbible.org/care.

    Volunteer to dress and encourage a teen in the shop

    Help with the check out process

    Hang, organize and stock clothes and accessories

    Pray with us

    For everyone who comes to see God's love through us.

    For boldness to and wisdom in how to share our faith.

    For every volunteer to glorify God in all we do- embracing sacrificial service as a way of life.

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  • Laundry Love

    Check back soon for our next serving opportunities.

    Laundry Love is designed to build relationships with our neighbors in South Irving, supporting these families with laundry assistance, prayer, breakfast, clothes mending, and crafts for the children.

    Learn about us

    Meet us at Amigo Laundromat on the fist Sunday of every month from 8:45 to noon.

    Mend clothes for families

    Bring donuts, coffee and/or juice

    Follow up with the families who need support

    Pray with us

    That we would grow in our cross-cultural skills so we can contextualize the good news to our neighbors

    The relationships with the children would open doors for deeper relationship with the parents

    For deeper relationships so that needs are readily expressed and met in an honoring way