Julie Rhodes


After surviving a giraffe bite in middle school, Julie went on to accomplish many other things that defy natural explanation, including having two kids. Well, maybe that’s not a good example. Married to Gordon and mother to Drew and Madeline, Julie and her family live in Fort Worth where they spend their days roping small calves and eating slow-cooked protein. Well, maybe just the part about the protein. An avid blogger and singer/actress, Julie has been looking for ways to get famous since 1997 when a flaming marshmallow deformed her nose for the whole month of July. Julie has edited since 2009, and is most proud of the February 2010 issue that was dedicated to the Kutch, IBC’s missions focus. Connect with Julie at wetbehindtheearsblog.comor on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram blog mom2momdfw.com.

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