Josh Wiese

Creative Director

When he's not playing tennis, hanging with wife Erika and kids Leo and Etta, or eating tacos, Josh is overseeing the day-to-day operations of IBC's intrepid Communications Team. That means he's an artist, problem solver, and wrangler of creative-types. Big job. A sixth-generation Texan, Josh nevertheless is proud of his star-turn in his ninth grade, all-German-speaking production of "Suche Nach den Vermissten Seeaffen" (Search for the Missing SeaMonkeys). He can still recite his one line to this day.

Why do you love working at IBC? "In my career as a designer I've helped people sell web analytics, leather bags, auto financing, pool cleaning, trinkets, T-shirt, and lots of other stuff. At IBC I'm helping sell Jesus. That's a product I can get behind. And the people. I love working with these people!"

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