One day. One calling. But more than one way to be a woman.

Join us for a deep dive into our calling as women through the lens of the women in Scripture.

There is something powerful, unique, and valuable about being created in the image of God as a woman. It’s a good thing. It’s not political. It’s not propaganda. It’s the truth of the Gospel from a God who loves us. This truth not only sets us free from culture’s expectations, but redeems the hurt and misunderstanding that most of us experience as women.

WHEN: April 28-29, 2023

WHERE: Irving Bible Church, The Commons

COST: $40 early bird price (cost goes up to $50 on April 17)

KIDS: Kids+ is available for both Friday and Saturday. You will need to provide ALL meals for your child, and IBC will provide snacks. Registration closes April 25. Click here for Friday Registration / Saturday Registration.

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Curate your own experience - by yourself or with friends!

While our event is on-site this year, you can still make it a full retreat experience by yourself or with your friends. Purchase a slumber party kit (when you register) to carry the experience beyond the building.

Gather your people, choose your location, purchase a kit, and experience deeper connection from fun to serious and back again.

Join Us For ONE


Looking for a mentor? Interested in mentoring?

Join us for a special lunch on Saturday to talk all things about mentor relationships. We are blessed with the energy of the young generation, the perseverance of the middle generation, and the wisdom of the older generation. As long as there is breath in our lungs, there is at least one person on the journey ahead of us and at least one person behind us. So if you want to learn more about being a mentor or having one, this lunch is for you.

No qualifications are required - you just need a willingness to explore what the Lord might be inviting you into.

This lunch is separate from the retreat, and the extra cost covers the price of your lunch.

Coming to the Mentoring Lunch?