Next Up

Creating new space for transforming kids

UPDATED: December 2019

The History  

Years ago we recognized that as much as we love our building, our children and student ministry areas were inadequate to serve the families God was bringing through our doors. In late 2016 we launched Next Up, an initiative to create new space for the next generation. The initial project scope included a new, 34,000 square-foot children’s building at an estimated cost of $7.1 million (toward which we have raised $4.1 million).  

The Mission

As a church we’re called to make disciples, and that includes serving children, students, and their families. That’s why we must create space that’s designed for and dedicated to the next generation. That’s why we must create space that’s safe, accessible, and inviting. It’s time for our building to be an asset, rather than a liability, as we pursue our vision and become the church God has called us to be.   

The Plan

Last fall we paused Next Up as we moved through our senior pastor transition, and then at the beginning of this year Barry was tasked with getting up to speed on the project and working with our staff and elders to determine the best path forward. Their shared conclusion, which we communicated in our Midyear Update, was that the planned expansion of our campus was cost prohibitive, and therefore we would pursue an extensive renovation within the existing footprint of our building. In other words, to create the space we need with the resources we have. 

Since that time we have partnered with OmniPlan, a local architecture firm with expertise in creating vibrant communal spaces in church and marketplace contexts, to develop a strategic master plan for entire facility and an initial scope of work that will give our children and students the safe, accessible, and inviting space they need while also improving much of our adult ministry space.

The Cost

The cost for this renovation is estimated at $6.5 million—more than we’ve currently raised for Next Up but significantly less than $7.1 million projected when we launched this initiative in 2016. Given the $4.1 million we have set aside for Next Up, we are prayerfully optimistic about raising the entirety of the construction costs of the project by the end of 2019 (leaving only the soft costs—furniture, fixtures, etc.—to be raised in 2020). This is where you come in. 

The Need

The end of the year is always an important time in the financial life of our church, and this year is no different. In past Decembers we have seen God’s goodness and your generosity come together to do amazing things, and we are praying for the end of 2019 to even better. We’re praying and asking to receive $2.3 million in the last six weeks of the year so that we can cover all our ministry expenses for the year and make significant progress toward our exciting Next Up renovation. 

The Invitation

As someone who calls IBC home, we’re inviting you to prayerfully consider how God might lead you to invest in what he’s doing in and through IBC. As we seek him together, trust him together, and follow him together, we know God will do great things in our midst.

An initiative of this size means we have to do this together. Are you ready to be a part of Next Up?

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