Next Up

Creating new space to transform the next generation

What is Next Up?

As a church, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to serve the next generation and to point them toward Jesus. And that's what Next Up is all about. For years we have been praying, planning, and raising the funds needed to create new and improved space on our campus for children and students.

Watch Renovation Updates

Jeremiah Betron walks you through the current stages of our renovation. From spaces that still have a long way to go to the spaces that are ready for kids to be equipped, grow together, and ultimately be transformed.

The Latest Construction Update:

We have entered into the final stages of our renovation. Parts of the Kids spaces are ready for us to be in while others are still in the process of construction, finishing touches, and more.

Updates will be added to this page as we make progress on the project.

Help Us Finish Well

While we have raised funds to cover the construction costs, giving a project of this magnitude the right finishings and furnishings is a considerable undertaking. We continue to ask you to prayerfully consider how the Lord would lead you to invest in what he's doing in and through IBC.

We are excited to see the project progress and ultimately finished. And more than anything we are excited to see the continued transformative work the Lord will do in our midst.

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