Senior Pastor Transition

An Exciting New Chapter in the Life of IBC

Together we have entered a new chapter in the life of our church: Senior Pastor transition. 

After several months of prayer and conversation, Pastor Andy and the Elder Board presented Barry Jones to the congregation for affirmation as the next Senior Pastor of Irving Bible Church. On November 4, the congregation resoundingly and officially affirmed Barry as our next Senior Pastor. Andy and Barry will continue to collaborate in the coming months, and then as Barry is installed as Senior Pastor, Andy will become our Pastor at Large, ministering both inside and outside the walls of IBC.

Watch this video to hear from Andy & Alice McQuitty and Barry & Kim Jones about this exciting announcement.

Pastor Andy shared the news of our leadership transition, as well as the heart behind it, with the congregation in his sermon on Sunday, September 30. You can watch the full sermon below.

Transition Timeline

Meet Barry Jones

Dr. Barry Jones is married to Kim, and together they have two sons, Will and Pierson, and a daughter, Kathleen. The Joneses love outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and mountain biking. Barry and Kim both love to travel, and so they enjoy introducing their favorite destinations to their kids every time they have the chance.

Barry graduated from Grapevine High School and then went on to the University of North Texas. He completed his master’s degree at Dallas Seminary and his Ph.D. in theology at Wheaton College outside of Chicago. During his time as a student at DTS and at Wheaton, Barry served in a variety of ministry capacities including time as a youth pastor, a camp and retreat speaker, and an interim teaching pastor. Over the last several years Barry has been an integral part of the preaching team and pastoral staff at IBC, while also serving as a member of the faculty at Dallas Theological Seminary. His passions are to teach the Scriptures, make disciples, and train future leaders who are deeply rooted in their faith and vitally engaged in the world around them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What process did the elders use to select Barry as their candidate to be the next Senior Pastor of IBC?

    The elders engaged Andy, Bryan Eck, and the Lead Team in conversation about leadership transition, and Barry's name came up immediately and consistently. As suggested by our transition consultant and other counsel, the elders considered it wise to apply the best practice in this situation, which was to begin with vetting the person who God had raised up from within IBC. The elders entered into multiple interviews with Barry and heard his heart for IBC. They also brought in a third-party firm to conduct additional interviews, verify all the details of Barry's résumé, and speak with his references. The elders also met with Barry and Kim together, and were blessed by her heart for Jesus and his church. And of course, throughout this process, the elders prayed persistently and passionately that God would make his will clear and unify them around it. God did just that, and so the elders fulfilled their constitutional responsibility to present Barry as the candidate for Senior Pastor to the congregation.

  • What part does the congregation play in affirming Barry as the next Senior Pastor of IBC?

    The congregation of IBC affirmed Barry as the next Senior Pastor of IBC by ballot on Sunday, November 4, during our worship service.

  • What will be Andy's role once Barry is installed as Senior Pastor? Will Andy still preach at IBC?

    Beginning January 27, Andy will become our Pastor at Large, at which point he and Alice will embark on a 3-month season of respite and new ministry development. This will enable and empower them to step into more writing, teaching, consulting, and mentoring opportunities as God guides and provides, as well as cultivate new avenues of ministry both inside and outside the walls of IBC. Andy has promised Barry he will preach any time he's asked, and Barry plans to ask several times a year, so we can certainly look forward to seeing Andy in the pulpit in 2019 and beyond.

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  • The Senior Pastor transition process is guided by our constitution. To view the constitution, sign into IBC Connect here and click the “Files” heading in the “Our Church” group.