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Discipleship at home can be daunting.

Unsure where to start? Confused about how to create a Gospel-centered home? Questioning the way forward? Join the club. We get it. That is where we come in. Here at IBC Kids, we desire to partner with parents in the disciple-making journey.

When it comes to family discipleship, we don't want to add to the daily grind that families are already experiencing. Instead, we focus on 3 rhythms: At Home, In Moments, Along the Way.

    At Home

    Parents have opportunities to leverage the everyday monotony of home life for discipleship. Whether through meals, getting ready for bed or even snack times, parents can point to the good news of the Gospel and remind kids of God's goodness and grace. On a weekly or daily basis, discipleship can include reading scripture, praying together, singing worship songs or learning about missionaries. Discipling your kids at home takes intentionality and creativity.

    In Moments

    God's grace in the Gospel message is on display in moments-- big or small. As siblings argue or friendship issues arise, parents can point to the Gospel and invite kids to talk through God's love and grace. Discipleship can also happen at the soccer field or dance studio, helping kids to understand what it looks like to enjoy God's good gifts to his children. Big moments might include celebrating the end of a school year by rehearsing God's faithfulness, or planting a fruit tree as an example of God's provision.

    Along the Way

    While on a drive, on a bike ride or any other travel time between places, parents can splash out on their kids the goodness, character and love of Christ in conversation. Discipleship along the way might be marked by a series of open-ended questions, listening to Christian music and podcasts or even the audio Bible. Whether long or short, spending time together along the way is an important part of discipleship.

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