Freed-Up Financial Living Class

October 10
12:30 p.m.
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Freed-Up Financial Living is designed for anyone, regardless of their financial situation. This resource pairs sound financial knowledge with Biblical principles of money management, guiding participants to develop a personal spending plan that reflects both in a healthy, balanced way. Together we will explore what the Bible and the culture say about the five financial areas of life (earning, giving, saving, debt and spending).

Our relationship to our money is central to our relationship to God! We believe that as we grow in Christ , our relationship with our money changes, too. We become more responsible and generous with it. Using the Freed-Up Financial Living curriculum, we will addresses the matter of who we serve (Matt. 6:21), where our heart is (Matt.6:24) and what the love of money can lead to (1 Tim.6:10).

We’re going to communicate the principles clearly, but with lots of grace and fun. We look forward to seeing you at the class starting on Sunday, October 10 at 12:30p.