Join us for Christmas Eve at IBC! Choose between two identical, family friendly services in our worship center. More Info >>>

Christmas Eve: Rediscover the Wonder

Worship Center at Irving Bible Church
3 or 5 p.m.
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Join us for Christmas Eve worship, December 24 at 3 or 5 p.m. for an in-person worship service.

Christmas offers us a powerful reminder of the love of God in Christ, the extent he went to save us, and the way we should be postured toward the world. So much of the story of Jesus was a shocking surprise to those who lived through it. From his humble origins in a Bethlehem manger, to his years of labor in Joseph’s carpenter’s shop, through the growing intrigue of his Galilean ministry, and finally to his agonizing death on a Roman cross, Jesus was not what anyone was expecting. And yet, as the story unfolds, we find that “the hopes and fears of all the years” are met in him

This service will also be live streamed on our website, Facebook, and YouTube.