2021 Deacons

In 2021 we are re-launching deacons as a ministry at Irving Bible Church. This group of volunteer leaders will partner with our elders and staff to provide care and support for all who need it.

Meet the Deacons

  • Brian Arrington

    Brian is a fifth-generation Texan who grew up in Denton. He met his wife Kim through the singles ministry at IBC and have been married for over 20 years. They have two teenage daughters, Katie and Rachel, and together they love serving, traveling, and spending time together as a family. Brian works for Texas Instruments as an accountant. Brian grew up in the church, but it wasn't until college that he realized that, although he felt like he was doing the right things based on what he was taught, it was God's desire to have a closer relationship with him. Brian has served in various ministries at IBC including Men's ministry, Formation, and Middle School, and his favorite thing about IBC is the authenticity.

    What drew him to the opportunity to serve as a deacon?

    Brian has grown closer in his relationship with the Lord through leading and serving at IBC, and he looks forward to serving and walking along-side others who are hurting, healing, in need, or desiring to draw closer to Christ through the opportunity of deaconship.

  • Jeff Black

    Jeff and his wife Leesa have been happily married for over 42 years and they have two adult children, Landon and Amanda who also live in the Dallas area. Jeff and his family enjoy spending time together laughing, talking, singing, and occasionally dancing! Jeff does not remember a time when he was not in church, and he remembers learning about Jesus through songs, stories, and the great technology that was flannel boards. It wasn't until he was 14 that he realized what a relationship with Jesus looked like, and e accepted Christ and was baptized. In his thirties, Jeff was challenged to evaluate his relationship with the Lord, and drew even nearer to him in personal and meaningful relationship. Jeff and his wife have facilitated marriage, parenting, and finance classes at IBC, along with leading small groups. He loves that so many ministries at IBC are passionate about local and international outreach.

    What drew him to the opportunity to serve as a deacon?

    Jeff believes we are at the threshold of something great for the Kingdom of God. He believes his experiences in building relationships and his desire to serving others have brought him to this moment of serving as a deacon.

  • Clint Calhoun

    Clint is married to his wife Aryn and together they have 4 kids between the ages of 2 and 10. He is a lawyer, programmer, and investment advisor, and Aryn helps lead worship at IBC. Clint was baptized around 8 years old, but would say he truly started following Jesus at age 12. Over the years, he has seen the Lord not only expose his sin, but free him from the lies driving that sin. Furthermore, Clint has seen the Lord grow his desire to invest his time in serving other people by walking with them through their trials. Clint has been involved in Foundation Experience, First Watch Replay, Man Party, and Father/Son and Father/Daughter Campouts, and his favorite thing about IBC is the humility of the leadership and how that empowers the lay people to initiate and drive the ministries.

    What drew him to the opportunity to serve as a deacon?

    Clint believes that being a deacon will be another venue where he can walk with others while they both walk with Jesus and see Him grow them in the process. It's an invitation to serve the local body He's called us to be a part of.

  • Sandhya Curran

    Sandhya grew up in India in a traditional Hindu family and migrated to the United States in 1995. She and her family have been attending IBC since 2008. Sandhya and her husband James accepted Christ in 1984 after hearing the gospel and other testimonies from believers. She has seen the Lord work miracles in her life, including the birth of their son. Sandhya has served in children's ministry, on the Sunday evening meal team, refugee group and has been a table leader for a biblical marriage seminar.

    What drew her to the opportunity to serve as a deacon?

    Sandhya has been involved in similar types of service previously and would love to continue to be involved in this capacity at IBC.

  • Justus George

    Justus is a first-generation American, whose parents immigrated from Kerala, India. He married his high-school sweetheart, Suni, in 2006, and they have twin daughters, Kayla and Katelyn. Justus is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University and serves as the Global Head of PMO for a supply chain software and technology company. He grew up in a Christian home, but after the divorce of his parents in his early teens, he struggled with anger and frustration with God. In 1999, he attended a Bible study, where he understood his true need for repentance and truly accepted Christ as his personal savior. Although he has had his ups and downs, his life has been marked by relationship with his Savior and forgiveness and reconciliation. Justus has served in various ministries at IBC including hospitality, men's, children's, mentor, and choir ministries. Some of his favorite things about IBC are the Bible teaching, the church's vision, and the people that he has come to meet.

    What drew him to the opportunity to serve as a deacon?

    After weeks of counsel and prayer, Justus was drawn to the opportunity to ensure that the church, through the strength of the Holy Spirit, would be in a position to meet the real needs of the body of believers.

  • Courtney Grimes

    Courtney has been married to her husband Jason for over 18 years and they are parents to their son Logan. Courtney taught high school math and coached volleyball for 17 years and is currently a stay-at-home mom. She accepted Christ as a child and has been blessed to be around and involved with the church for most of her life. In her walk with the Lord, Courtney has had experiences that have allowed her to more fully understand God's love, sovereignty, grace, and mercy. She and her husband have attended IBC since 2001, and she has been involved in serving in both women's and children's ministry. Her favorite thing about IBC is that it is Bible-centered, Word-driven, and servant-minded.

    What drew her to the opportunity to serve as a deacon?

    Courtney has a focus of an "infrastructure of care." She believes that being a deacon would allow her to be someone who can be there for those in the church body when they need it most.

  • Matt Holland

    Matt has been married to his wife, Camille, for over 12 years, and they have three children, Levi, Annabelle, and Audrey. He attended UTD as well as DTS, and currently serves as the Dean of Students at Coram Deo Academy. Matt grew up in the church, and his faith has always been central in his life. In high school, he came to realize that rather than just avoiding bad choices, he needed to shift his heart and focused more on actively seeking ways to serve God and to positively work for good, the gospel, and the kingdom. Matt has attended IBC since 1997 and it truly feels like home to him. Over the years, he has served in Children's ministry, the Central Park Bible Community, college ministry, and young adults.

    What drew him to the opportunity to become a deacon?

    Matt believes that every Christian should look for works of service and ministry, and when God presents us with opportunities to serve in our own local church, we should strongly consider those opportunities. In addition to the responsibility of serving in places that the Lord opens, Matt thinks of this sort of work as a joy, and he is excited to minister to people who are part of our church.

  • Chris Kuykendall

    Chris is married to his wife, Lori, and they have 4 kids, Katie, Maddie, Zach, and Emma. He works as a civil engineer for a consulting engineering firm, and he loves to spend time outdoors and to travel with his wife. Chris accepted Christ as a child through VBS, and his life has been marked by following Jesus and learning more about what that means and looks like personally, both at home and at work. In his time at IBC, Chris has been involved in children's ministry, student ministry, missions, and Arise. His favorite thing about IBC is the community.

    What drew him to the opportunity to become a deacon?

    Chris is excited by the opportunity to serve the church in a larger capacity with IBC families in the area.

  • Lori Kuykendall

    Lori has been married to her husband Chris for over 26 years, and they have 4 children, Katie, Maddie, Zach, and Emma. She serves as President and CEO of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health, a nonprofit promoting health and hope for families and our culture. Her family has two horses, a pony, a rabbit and two dogs. Lori had the privilege of growing up in the church, as her grandfather was a pastor. It was during her middle school years, that Lori was introduced to the gospel by her youth leader, and it was in high school that she began to feel a call towards missions. Throughout her walk with the Lord, Lori has been set free from perfectionism and people-pleasing and she continues to walk in the grace-based gospel living that brings freedom and fullness. Lori has served in various ministries at IBC including Arise, student's, children's, and women's ministries, and her favorite thing about IBC is the diversity of people and the priority of service to physical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs of the members, the community and the world.

    What drew her to the opportunity to become a deacon?

    Lori's hope in serving as a deacon is to make our big church feel smaller to those with needs in our community.

  • Alf Laukoter

    Alf grew up in Dallas and has been married to his wife Susan for over 28 years. Together they have 3 kids, Austin, Hayden, and Gretchen. He has a degree in advertising from UT and serves as a creative director. Alf came to know the Lord through YoungLife in college, and has continued to serve with YoungLife Amicus and working with foreign exchange students. The biggest transformation in Alf's life has been the Lord slowly but surely taking away all the things he thought he was (both positive and negative) and replacing them with who he really is—a child of God—and who He created him to be. Alf has served in student ministry, formation, children's ministry, and marriage ministry, and his favorite thing about IBC is the heart of IBC and the desire to love the community around us.

    What drew him to the opportunity to become a deacon?

    Alf is excited about the chance to serve people at IBC directly and walk alongside them during whatever struggles or joys they are experiencing.

  • Jen Mayes

    Jen is originally from Indiana, but has called Texas home for over 14 years. She loves traveling, a good book, serving others, spending time with friends, bread, dessert, a good sense of humor and visiting Indy to see her big family. Jen grew up as a pastor's kid, and came to know the Lord in her pre-teen years. She continues to see Jesus teach her that life is not all about her and being comfortable, that loving and communing with neighbors, especially those who are marginalized, is very important, and that He is good and trustworthy in all things, even when she can't see it. Jen has served in children's and missions ministries and her favorite thing about IBC is the spirit of generosity, grace, and the people.

    What drew her to the opportunity to become a deacon?

    Jen has a passion for serving others, helping people connect in the church and making sure people are seen and cared for, and she is excited for the opportunity to do just that s a deacon.

  • Will Meier

    Will is the youngest of 3 siblings, and an uncle to 4 (almost 5) nieces and nephews. He has been in the DFW area since 2005 and works in IT. Will grew up going to church but really started to better understand who Jesus was when he was in high school. God transformed his understanding of the Gospel and, through community, continues to show him grace and mercy. He has served as a small group leader to a group of boys when they started and 4th grade up until they graduated high school. He is also involved in the young adult ministry. Will's favorite thing about IBC is the friendships he's made with people at IBC over the years through serving together and he also loves that IBC has always felt like a place where you can come as you are.

    What drew him to the opportunity to become a deacon?

    Will was drawn to become a deacon because, at it's core, it is about serving people where they are and he is excited about the opportunity to serve IBC in a new way.

  • Brian Severski

    Brian met his wife, Tanya, at Baylor University, and they have been married for over 13 years and have 2 kids. He loves to cook, spend time outdoors, hike, visit national parks, and playing games with his family. He works in business operations a a software company. Brian became a follower of Jesus when he was 17, and he believes that he is called to love God and love others well. Tangibly in his life, this plays out in finding and contributing to authentic community, serving inside and outside the church walls, and finding peace in nature and creation. Brian has served in marriage ministry, arise, and high school ministry, and his favorite part of IBC is the authentic community with a purpose.

    What drew him to the opportunity to become a deacon?

    He is excited by IBC’s desire to better care for our congregation, and he believes God has gifted him with the desire to connect with others , facilitate, and help where he can.

  • Neil Wiersum

    Neil grew up in Texas and loves the outdoors and works in the construction industry. He has been married to Sarah for over 15 years, and they have two kids, Ava and Ayden. Neil grew up in the church and began to follow Christ at 9 years old. A turning point in his faith was in college, and this is when he began attending IBC. Foundation and Formation were key in the growth of his faith. Neil has served in college ministry, men's ministry, children's ministry, and discipleship ministry, and his favorite thing about IBC is the realness of everyone.

    What drew him to the opportunity to become a deacon?

    Neil feels led to use his knowledge of the Word to give back to the church and for serving others in the church body.

  • Jessie Yearwood

    Jessie was born in Jamaica as 1 of 8 children, and she has a son herself. She came to know the Lord as a teenager, and her growth as a believer came from her involvement in Youth For Christ, Back to the Bible and Dr. J Vernon McGee on Transworld radio. She has seen the Lord use her in many ways she could not have imagined, in spite of herself and her failures. During her time at IBC, Jessie has served in the nursery, meal ministry, prayer ministry, and as a crown and financial peace table leader. Her favorite thing about IBC is the ministry of the Word and the fellowship of believers. Specifically, IBC has had a major impact on her through single parent ministry, student ministry, women's ministry, and financial peace.

    What drew her to the opportunity to become a deacon?

    Jesse was drawn to become a deacon through the recommendations of her small group leaders and is excited about the opportunity to be involved in serving others in meaningful ways.

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