College at IBC

​Helping young adults to navigate life, explore the teachings of Jesus together, and experience a place of belonging and growth.

  • Find a Place of Belonging and Growth

    Being a college or grad student is an exciting and challenging season. We know you are navigating the complexities of vocation, relationships, life, and spirituality all at the same time. We get it, and we want to help. Whatever season or stage of life you find yourself in, you are welcome here and this is for you. College at IBC is a part of Young Adult Ministry.

    Connection and conversation are essential parts of how we grow, so our gatherings are designed to foster friendship and meaningful community. Whether you’re new or accustomed to DFW and Irving Bible Church, our large gatherings, groups, socials, and places of service provide great opportunities to connect with others and experience life as Jesus described.

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  • College Dinner

    Are you home from college for the summer? Join us during the summer for a monthly college dinner and hangout. Opportunity to connect with others, have fun, and gain wisdom from those a few years ahead in their journey.

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