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A Reflection on Black History Month

In recent weeks at IBC, we’ve been discussing the importance of wrestling with our own personal past—our life story—to better understand our present and God’s intentions for our future. This is a vitally important part of our ongoing spiritual growth and development. God has made us who we are through the formative experiences and relationships of our lives: though our heritage, our heroes, our high points, and our hard times.

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    Turtles and the Next Generation

    I’m a lot of things. I’m a Texan. I’m tall. I’m a good test-taker. I’m allergic to conflict and spreadsheets.

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    Come One, Come All

    I’m sure by no mere lucky chance, God placed me (a poetic dreamer) into a family who runs on tangible and logical action steps that you can cross off on a to-do list.

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    From Divided to United

    In 382 BC, the predecessor to Alexander the Great took the throne in the Greek kingdom of Macedon. His name was Philip and he left very little impact on human history except one phrase: Divide and conquer. 

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    Diving In

    All eyes were on me, willing me to jump. The perception of danger was palpable enough that several people took out their cell phones, ready to record if the blue waters turned crimson.

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    The Power of Proximity

    In our second week of the Vision series this past Sunday, I started my message by quoting D.T. Niles when he says, “Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where he found bread.”

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    Benny’s Band of Brothers

    When tragedy struck, a unique table of First Watch guys stepped up to stand in the gap for their friend. “We did what we could do,” they say.