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Formed is a platform that gives people a place to wrestle with topics they may tend to avoid and to grow and learn from one another. A tool used to help believers make their faith their own by providing different perspectives and stories while pointing to the gospel and the mission and vision of Irving Bible Church.

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  • Skill Of Gratefulness700X394

    The Skill of Gratefulness

    Last weekend I mentioned at IBC that gratefulness is a powerful antidote to anger.

  • Gift Of Blessing 700X394

    The Gift of Blessing

    In the mid-nineties, there was a popular book called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. One of the five languages explained in Chapman’s book is receiving gifts. 

  • Trinity And Shack Teaser 700X394

    The Trinity and “The Shack”

    When William P. Young self-published The Shack about a decade ago, he touched off a fierce theological debate about the problem of evil and the nature of the Trinity.

  • A Cow Named Kisses 700X394

    A Cow Named Kisses

    Yesterday, my husband and I took our kids Drew (9) and Madeline (6) to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. As Fort Worthians, we find it’s almost a necessary outing each year, like a holy pilgrimage.

  • Beauty In Desert 700X394

    Finding Beauty in the Desert

    Last month, I sat down with Barry Jones, Jason Elwell, Crystal Elwell, and Jason Stein to discuss Lent at IBC.

  • Oneness In Christ Tesaer 700X394

    Oneness in Christ

    A colleague told me today that he particularly appreciated a specific point I made in my sermon last Sunday on being a peacemaker.