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  • You + Me
    IBC Stories

    You + Me

    There’s something about sitting around a table with others, studying God’s word, sharing meals, doing life, and traveling hard journeys. In that circle, we shared our joys and sorrows. When we leaned in with our shoulders touching, the burden was lighter to share.

  • Best Week Ever!
    IBC Stories

    Best Week Ever!

    Summer Camp, it feels like sunshine, smell likes sunscreen, sounds like a splash into the pool, and tastes like watermelon and french fries.

  • Transformation in Honduras
    IBC Stories

    Transformation in Honduras

    Washing someone’s feet is so much more — it’s love, humility, respect, and vulnerability. It displays that we are all equal and deserve to love and serve one another just as Jesus did.

  • Take the Next Step
    IBC Stories

    Take the Next Step

    You don’t have to be perfect to find your place here. We’re both imperfect, so let’s do this together. My heart changed after I asked myself how I could better love God.

  • We've got a dilemma on our hands
    IBC Stories

    We've got a dilemma on our hands

    At that moment, she became visibly torn between buying what she really wanted for herself and doing what was important and good for others.

  • We are God's Poem
    IBC Stories

    We are God's Poem

    We are created and crafted to do the things He has called us to do. God’s poem is alive and active, distinct and diverse, purposeful and powerful. This is the Church and this is you and me.