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The Gospel of John Daily Devotional Series

Beginning Wednesday, March 18, Barry Jones and our staff will lead a devotional each weekday journeying through the Gospel of John.

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    Got Questions

    Go WITH God? Or go FOR God?

    The centripetal force is represented in the inward focus of God’s people, especially in the Old Testament. Then, worship of God was centralized and controlled. God is always sovereign over all people in all places, but he started his rescue effort with one family in one place at one time.

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    Got Questions

    What is a church?

    Growing up in the Bible belt, these are all phrases that I heard people use in reference to the church, but what I personally struggled with was the purpose and role of the church in my own life. While I was told that I was part of the body, I felt like people didn’t really know me.

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    Got Questions

    How Do I Handle a Season of Transition?

    As I sit here and think of all of the things I want to say to you, one thing is at the forefront—you are loved. You are loved, exactly as you are, right where you are by God.

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    Got Questions

    How can I plan my life and trust God’s will?

    Our plans are—and have always been—subject to change without notice. Again, this has always been true. I just tend to forget it during long stretches of what feels like enduring calm and unchecked agency.

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    Got Questions

    Is the Enneagram Helpful or Harmful?

    The enneagram answers the question of why you behave the way you do. Weaknesses often keep us imprisoned, and the enneagram reveals truths beyond your natural behaviors that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.