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A Reflection on Black History Month

In recent weeks at IBC, we’ve been discussing the importance of wrestling with our own personal past—our life story—to better understand our present and God’s intentions for our future. This is a vitally important part of our ongoing spiritual growth and development. God has made us who we are through the formative experiences and relationships of our lives: though our heritage, our heroes, our high points, and our hard times.

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    Ryan and Tyler's Baptism Story

    For Nathan Thompson, Easter morning looked a little different this year. After visiting his in-laws a few hours away, Nathan hopped in his car and raced back to IBC—a last-minute addition to his holiday plans.

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    The Gift of Sabbatical

    Dear IBC Family,

    I’m writing this to you all on what is my last day in the office before I begin my sabbatical. Years ago, our elders established a generous policy that provides a three-month time away for pastors every seven years. I have one more Sunday to preach, and then I’ll be out May, June, and July.

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    More Than a Canoe Trip

    Years ago, when I lived in East Dallas, I and some other young men helped mentor a group of boys as part of a weekly neighborhood event. During the event, called King's Club, elementary-aged kids were invited to a small local church to hear something from the Bible and eat lunch. Then the men and I would play sports with the older boys. We would also occasionally go on camping trips.

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    Everyday Moments

    This morning was a complete disaster in our home. The home we share with two little people who find deep delight in messing up our very well-planned schedules. Packing lunches, changing diapers, finding monster trucks, and brushing hair. Phew. Let’s just say that we were 13 minutes late for drop off at school today. When my son’s teacher said, “I hope you have a good day today,” I’m pretty sure I grunted.

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    IBC Stories

    The Power of Your Thoughts

    Have you ever started crying in a public setting and felt the need to apologize? Or maybe even hide the fact that you were getting emotional all together?

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    Hope & Healing

    When Being Still Is the Best Option

    “…Be still, and know that I am God…” - Psalm 46:10

    One day several years ago, a day like many others before it, the fervent prayer for one of my young adult children was answered yes, while an equally fervent prayer for my other young adult child was (again) answered no. On the same day, this familiar scripture passage was the day’s devotion.