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  • We've got a dilemma on our hands
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    We've got a dilemma on our hands

    At that moment, she became visibly torn between buying what she really wanted for herself and doing what was important and good for others.

  • We are God's Poem
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    We are God's Poem

    We are created and crafted to do the things He has called us to do. God’s poem is alive and active, distinct and diverse, purposeful and powerful. This is the Church and this is you and me.

  • The Best Kind of Tired
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    The Best Kind of Tired

    VBS is an opportunity for over 300 volunteers to have an eternal impact on the future generation.

  • Best Week Ever
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    Best Week Ever

    Throughout the week I would watch campers process the Lord’s love for them, identify their need for Jesus, and grow a desire for community built by faith. This summer hundreds of kids and students from IBC will embark on their journey at camp.

  • Myths & Tips
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    Myths & Tips

    I have wondered for many years why people shy away from interacting with individuals who act or look differently because of a disability.

  • Know. Love. Go.
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    Know. Love. Go.

    The fact is, you have something unique and incredible to give to his kingdom that only you can give. And so God invites you to bring your true self, all that you are, to the table.