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  • When Jesus Was Tender and When He Was Tough
    Hope & Healing

    When Jesus Was Tender and When He Was Tough

    That voice. You undoubtedly know the difference when someone uses that voice. The conversation went from being lighthearted to now serious. As a child, you may remember actual examples when your parent got serious and “laid down the law.”

  • Visiting Graves on Easter
    Hope & Healing

    Visiting Graves on Easter

    As fellow Hope and Healing participants, I know you get it. “It” being the daily tension of living between the “already” of Jesus’ first coming and the “not yet” of Jesus’ return. And for me, the tension really hits home during the Lenten season.

  • Sacrificial Love
    Hope & Healing

    Sacrificial Love

    During this month of February where we focus our attention on those we love, I have often asked myself what sacrificial love should really look like. Having experienced loss, trauma, and abuse, sacrificial love for me tends to cross over into what looks more like codependency than the love Christ offers us. This often leaves me asking how I am to love myself while I’m loving others.

  • Experiencing Peace in the Midst of Anxiety
    Hope & Healing

    Experiencing Peace in the Midst of Anxiety

    Not long after the crucifixion of Jesus, a rumor was rapidly spreading in and around Jerusalem and made its way to the ears of the disciples: was Jesus actually alive?! How could that possibly be? And so, the disciples gathered to discuss this puzzling report.

  • A Gaslighter's Secret Strategies
    Hope & Healing

    A Gaslighter's Secret Strategies

    If you've been in close relationship with a narcissist, you probably have experienced something mental health experts call “gaslighting”. Gaslighting is a manipulation strategy used to gain power over someone for a variety of reasons.

  • Past Trauma May Haunt Your Future Self
    Hope & Healing

    Past Trauma May Haunt Your Future Self

    A rocky childhood. A violent assault. A car accident. If these are in your past, they could be affecting your present health.