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The Gospel of John Daily Devotional Series

Beginning Wednesday, March 18, Barry Jones and our staff will lead a devotional each weekday journeying through the Gospel of John.

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    Got Questions

    How can I be enough?

    These are the words that were spoken over me as I sat in the office of my friend, pastor and boss to tell him that I had made, yet another mistake on his calendar. I rambled on and on about how I should’ve done this and should’ve done that.

    Got Questions

    Forgiveness: What is it?

    Forgiveness is one of the most challenging and complex things we are called to as followers of Christ. It’s a calling that often convicts our hearts as we’re wracked with guilt over how we feel about someone else. And the word forgiveness often leaves us with a sense of Christian duty, yet we scream inside:

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    Got Questions

    Do you ever have trouble trusting God?

    Do you ever have trouble really trusting God? Truly believing that He is good and His plans are good? Can you know that He is present and is working all things together when everything around you seems hopeless and falling apart?

    At different seasons of life, I have struggled with trusting God. No matter how many times God cared for and rescued His people in Scripture or in the lives of my friends and family, I still wonder if He will do the same for me.

    Got Questions

    How does God use today’s advancements to redeem our brokenness?

    As I was putting my four-year-old twins to bed the other night, we were discussing creation and how God spoke everything into existence. One of my boys started listing everything God created, “the sun, the moon, the ocean, the animals, people, cars…” Hmm. Well, cars aren’t exactly included in the creation account we find in Genesis.

    Got Questions

    How do I help friends going through a hard time?

    The esteemed American philosopher and poet, Mike Tyson, once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” I might have edited that quote to be more PG-friendly, but Mike’s words are true.

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    Got Questions

    What does the Bible say about disabilities?

    But all things that bring glory to God will remain. I have seen incredible joy, hope, and unconditional love embodied by many people with disabilities. There is no need to “heal” those gifts. And I believe that those who praised and exalted God on earth despite great challenges and pain will be lifted up high and celebrated.