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  • The Cost of My Freedom
    Hope & Healing

    The Cost of My Freedom

    When I think of my personal freedom, I think of these verses and what it cost Jesus to provide that freedom for me. It hasn’t always been this way in my faith journey. For many years I took it for granted. It was easy to say “Jesus died for my sins” as an 8-yr old; not fully knowing at that age what it really cost Him.

  • Our Father
    Hope & Healing

    Our Father

    When it comes to human relationships, we have the power to create or destroy, nurture or neglect, heal or traumatize. That’s the power God has placed in our hands. Yet, God’s intent with us when He created us in His image was that we would know Him and represent His character to others. It is our highest calling as humans—and as fathers.

  • Anxiety and Me and the God Who Gets It.
    Hope & Healing

    Anxiety and Me and the God Who Gets It.

    My throat felt closed off, my shoulders were tight, and my stomach was churning. My thoughts alternately whirled by too fast to catch and so slow that I felt stupid. What was happening to me? Normally I’m an even-keeled, calm and sensible person, but for several weeks I felt like my mind and my body were conspiring against me.

  • When Being Still Is the Best Option
    Hope & Healing

    When Being Still Is the Best Option

    “…Be still, and know that I am God…” - Psalm 46:10

    One day several years ago, a day like many others before it, the fervent prayer for one of my young adult children was answered yes, while an equally fervent prayer for my other young adult child was (again) answered no. On the same day, this familiar scripture passage was the day’s devotion.

  • Imperfect Love
    Hope & Healing

    Imperfect Love

    Everybody knows that there are different types of “love”. Clearly, loving Target (which I do) and loving your newborn child are two very different things! I mean, I would assume… my husband and I don’t have children. But we do have a dog, and spending time with her definitely evokes different emotions than spending time perusing the Target dollar section!

  • When Depression Makes You Question Your Worth
    Hope & Healing

    When Depression Makes You Question Your Worth

    "You’re worth it!" I’ve heard these words before! Have you? What is 'it'?

    “You’re just trying to cheer me up and magically make me happy! I don’t feel like I’m worth anything. If you were as down and depressed as I am, you wouldn’t feel worth it either!”