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  • Voices in My Head
    Hope & Healing

    Voices in My Head

    I struggle deeply with not being enough, with body image, and with internal critical words toward myself. I can help others through their similar struggles, sharing all the good that God has for them, but it has always felt indulgent for me to believe the same things for myself.

  • You Are Not Alone
    Hope & Healing

    You Are Not Alone

    Most of us don’t delight in weakness, limitations, and vulnerabilities. You’re never going to see a Marvel movie about an average human being like you and me struggling to make it to payday, yelling at their kids, or being overcome with debilitating anxiety. Millions flock to theaters to down popcorn and watch superhero movies precisely because the heroes don’t have the same limitations we do.

  • The Beauty of Community When Life Feels Broken
    Hope & Healing

    The Beauty of Community When Life Feels Broken

    You may remember Eric Liddell, an Olympic gold medalist runner, Christian missionary and inspiration for the movie Chariots of Fire. In his book, The Disciplines of the Christian Life, Liddell says, “Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives and God’s plans, but God is not helpless among the ruins. Our broken lives are not lost or useless. God’s love is still working!”

  • The God of Comfort When Life Feels Dark
    Hope & Healing

    The God of Comfort When Life Feels Dark

    The God of Comfort is all about the Father Heart of God. A father’s heart longs to impart unconditional love to his children. Some of us received this unconditional love from our earthly father and some did not. Because of God’s inherent nature, He has a father’s heart toward His children.

  • When Jesus Was Tender and When He Was Tough
    Hope & Healing

    When Jesus Was Tender and When He Was Tough

    That voice. You undoubtedly know the difference when someone uses that voice. The conversation went from being lighthearted to now serious. As a child, you may remember actual examples when your parent got serious and “laid down the law.”

  • Visiting Graves on Easter
    Hope & Healing

    Visiting Graves on Easter

    As fellow Hope and Healing participants, I know you get it. “It” being the daily tension of living between the “already” of Jesus’ first coming and the “not yet” of Jesus’ return. And for me, the tension really hits home during the Lenten season.