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  • The Gospel of John Daily Devotional Series
    Faith & Belief

    The Gospel of John Daily Devotional Series

    Beginning Wednesday, March 18, Barry Jones and our staff will lead a devotional each weekday journeying through the Gospel of John.

  • Foundation FAQ
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    Foundation FAQ

    Who is Foundation for?

  • New Life
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    New Life

    Meet Shelby, a Fiber Artist who created the beautiful fabric we used for our Pentecost stage design. 

  • The Ripple Effect
    Faith & Belief

    The Ripple Effect

    “I believe in God, but I don’t know him. I know I’m a Christian, but I don’t know Christ.”

  • Beloved


    This morning I read Acts 13, a chapter in the impressive saga of Paul's first missionary journey. After a wild time on Cyprus, (striking a sorcerer blind and whatnot) Paul and Barnabas travel to Pisidian Antioch where they find a hearing. The leaders of the synagogue there are receptive and attentive. It appears that their preaching might have great effect.