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  • Sustainer


    You know that story in the Bible where a concerned mother brought her son to Jesus and said,

    “My son hasn’t been able to speak clearly since he was a baby. He has fits of rage. He has intense pain all throughout his body and often cannot leave home because of his illness. He has periods where he will not respond and sometimes, he is driven to do things that would take his life if he were successful. No doctor has been able to help him. We have tried all the medicines. Nothing helps. But I know you can. Will you heal him?”

  • Rich in Mercy

    Rich in Mercy

    My phone was ringing. It was his Mother’s Day Out program. I checked my watch to see if he had made it an hour. My heart sank, and I could hear the conversation before it even took place.

    “Mrs. Cordero?”

    “This is she.”

    “We need you to come get your son right now.”