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  • We're All Storytellers

    We're All Storytellers

    I like writing. Really, I like words in general. I keep a book of crossword puzzles next to my bed, I start every morning with Wordle, and I’m the Boggle champion in our family. Words are kind of my jam. So when I first stepped into my role on the Communications team here at IBC, one of the things that excited me most was the prospect of writing more. What I didn’t expect was how much joy I’d find in helping others shape and share their own words.

  • A Sense of Place

    A Sense of Place

    I’ve always connected really strongly with places. Places are a little like people to me—they’ve got a personality, a history, a story. There are some places I’m drawn to immediately and some that don’t ever feel quite right, even if I’m not exactly sure why. And then there are a handful of places that have so defined periods of my life that they are inextricably linked to my own story. One of those places is Irving Bible Church.

  • Broken Body Theology

    Broken Body Theology

    I never thought much about my body until recently. It mostly did what it was supposed to do and looked how it was supposed to look, and so I haven’t had to pay it too much mind. Athletics weren’t my thing, which means my body’s physical abilities were never in the spotlight. I’ve of course fussed and fretted over my appearance like we all have, but mostly my body cooperated and came along for the ride.

    More recently, though, my body insists on being noticed. I’ve had two babies (both of whom made themselves comfortable in my belly for much longer than they were welcome), I’m creeping closer to middle age, and my body doesn’t look or feel the way it always has. Things hurt. Some days, things hurt an annoying amount.

  • Lessons From a Prayer Prodigal

    Lessons From a Prayer Prodigal

    I am not a prayer warrior. Am I allowed to say that? I really struggle with prayer and deeply admire people who don’t. If prayer is one of your spiritual gifts, consider my lack-of-giftedness officially on your prayer list. My biggest problem isn’t that I’m uncomfortable praying out loud, or that I get too busy and forget to pray (although that does happen); it’s that...

  • Is Busyness a Sin?
    Got Questions

    Is Busyness a Sin?

    One thing this post-pandemic pace of life has taught me is that it’s not my calendar keeping me from connecting with God–it’s my heart.