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  • Identity


    “Mission Impossible 7” hit theaters across the country this week. The first movie released in 1996 when I was just a kid. I remember wanting to be a secret agent like Ethan Hunt, which at one point ended up with me accidentally breaking a window to complete my mission. Sorry, Mom.

  • A Rule of Life

    A Rule of Life

    It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself, once again, starting my day in the exact opposite way than what I wanted. How’s that? Slouched over in my bed. Holding up my bright phone to my squinting eyes. Scrolling through news, social media, texts, and email. You know the feeling! The eye strain is real at 6am.

    And if emotional and spiritual health are interrelated, I was not in a good place with either. Especially this early in the morning.

  • Whatever It Takes

    Whatever It Takes

    “Whatever it takes.” Barry emphasized this point at our 60th anniversary and it has captured my imagination about discipleship. The call of Jesus is a call to do whatever it takes as we learn to trust and follow him. This quality is what I love about the people of Irving Bible Church.

  • Gardening


    Is this a perennial or annual? How much sun is needed? Oh, what about our dogs… is this one of the poisonous plants?

    These questions have been part of springtime conversation at the Barnett home as my wife, Amber, and I envision new gardens for our front and back landscape. Before I was pastor, I worked for a landscape crew in Denver, Colorado that specialized in fine gardening. Now, I’m no Master Gardener, but since that time I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and in the yard.

  • Best Week Ever!
    IBC Stories

    Best Week Ever!

    Summer Camp, it feels like sunshine, smell likes sunscreen, sounds like a splash into the pool, and tastes like watermelon and french fries.