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  • Michael's Story
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    Michael's Story

    In July of this year, Michael Agnew got the news that doctors had found a tumor near his stomach. Due to the size and placement of the tumor, a cancer diagnosis was likely.

  • Joe's Story
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    Joe's Story

    Joe Mendez is a living example of a full circle moment. Joe was born in El Paso but spent the first five years of his life living in Juarez, Mexico with his parents.

  • Jasmine's Story
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    Jasmine's Story

    Jasmine Bibbs was introduced to church at a young age, but she didn't always have a relationship with the Lord. That changed in college, and she began faithfully serving local churches.

  • Something I Always Wanted

    Something I Always Wanted

    You aren’t supposed to be jealous, but I’ve always been jealous of big, close-knit families. There’s always been something so cool to me about big families in movies, books or real life. The dynamics between siblings. The different relationships between each child with each parent. The traditions the whole family takes part in each year. I gravitate towards big families.

  • Inevitable Change

    Inevitable Change

    In March of 2021, I became the Communications Pastor here at IBC. My first month consisted of Zoom meetings and prepping for our first in-person Easter service since the pandemic began. Over the past 15 months, I’ve seen a lot of things change around IBC.

  • Staff Stories: Shannon Lewis
    IBC Stories

    Staff Stories: Shannon Lewis

    All it took was a simple invite.

    Shannon Lewis lived in a foster home until the age of 15. After her grandparents reached an age where they could no longer be her legal guardians, Shannon entered the foster care system at a young age. For many, the foster care system is a source of comfort and structure. For Shannon, it was a source of trauma and abuse.

    “It was a very abusive home,” Shannon said as she looked back on those memories of her teenage years. “I remember just kind of feeling like there was something on the other side. It wouldn’t be like this forever.”