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  • A Living Hope

    A Living Hope

    I’ve never really been a fan of hope. People often used catch-all phrases like “have hope” or “don’t give up hope” or “hope springs eternal” to somehow wish away pain or suffering in my life. But hope never seemed to work that way. No matter how much I hoped, the pain seemed to stick around.

  • Monotonous Majesty

    Monotonous Majesty

    There’s a whole lot that happens in the in-between, and it can feel like an endless sea of waiting. Like the three-hour line at Disney World in the sweltering Florida heat (where we were supposed to be this week).

  • How Can I Have Certain Hope in Uncertain Times?
    Got Questions

    How Can I Have Certain Hope in Uncertain Times?

    Here is where our problem lies – we are hopelessly hope-filled creatures. We can’t help but have hope because we have a heart full of desires and expectations.

  • You + Me
    IBC Stories

    You + Me

    There’s something about sitting around a table with others, studying God’s word, sharing meals, doing life, and traveling hard journeys. In that circle, we shared our joys and sorrows. When we leaned in with our shoulders touching, the burden was lighter to share.

  • Know. Love. Go.
    IBC Stories

    Know. Love. Go.

    The fact is, you have something unique and incredible to give to his kingdom that only you can give. And so God invites you to bring your true self, all that you are, to the table.