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  • You Are Not Alone
    Hope & Healing

    You Are Not Alone

    Most of us don’t delight in weakness, limitations, and vulnerabilities. You’re never going to see a Marvel movie about an average human being like you and me struggling to make it to payday, yelling at their kids, or being overcome with debilitating anxiety. Millions flock to theaters to down popcorn and watch superhero movies precisely because the heroes don’t have the same limitations we do.

  • Visiting Graves on Easter
    Hope & Healing

    Visiting Graves on Easter

    As fellow Hope and Healing participants, I know you get it. “It” being the daily tension of living between the “already” of Jesus’ first coming and the “not yet” of Jesus’ return. And for me, the tension really hits home during the Lenten season.

  • True Confessions of an IBC Staff Member

    True Confessions of an IBC Staff Member

    True confessions of an IBC staff member: I love my husband, but I haven’t always liked him.

  • How Do I Handle a Season of Transition?
    Got Questions

    How Do I Handle a Season of Transition?

    As I sit here and think of all of the things I want to say to you, one thing is at the forefront—you are loved. You are loved, exactly as you are, right where you are by God.

  • ​The Way It Was Meant To Be

    ​The Way It Was Meant To Be

    I don’t know where I’ve been the past six Advents at IBC, but this year, I’ve been given the gift of Advent and the gift of hope.