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  • The Cost of My Freedom
    Hope & Healing

    The Cost of My Freedom

    When I think of my personal freedom, I think of these verses and what it cost Jesus to provide that freedom for me. It hasn’t always been this way in my faith journey. For many years I took it for granted. It was easy to say “Jesus died for my sins” as an 8-yr old; not fully knowing at that age what it really cost Him.

  • Our Father
    Hope & Healing

    Our Father

    When it comes to human relationships, we have the power to create or destroy, nurture or neglect, heal or traumatize. That’s the power God has placed in our hands. Yet, God’s intent with us when He created us in His image was that we would know Him and represent His character to others. It is our highest calling as humans—and as fathers.

  • Voices in My Head
    Hope & Healing

    Voices in My Head

    I struggle deeply with not being enough, with body image, and with internal critical words toward myself. I can help others through their similar struggles, sharing all the good that God has for them, but it has always felt indulgent for me to believe the same things for myself.

  • Sacrificial Love
    Hope & Healing

    Sacrificial Love

    During this month of February where we focus our attention on those we love, I have often asked myself what sacrificial love should really look like. Having experienced loss, trauma, and abuse, sacrificial love for me tends to cross over into what looks more like codependency than the love Christ offers us. This often leaves me asking how I am to love myself while I’m loving others.

  • A Gaslighter's Secret Strategies
    Hope & Healing

    A Gaslighter's Secret Strategies

    If you've been in close relationship with a narcissist, you probably have experienced something mental health experts call “gaslighting”. Gaslighting is a manipulation strategy used to gain power over someone for a variety of reasons.

  • The Lucy Syndrome
    Hope & Healing

    The Lucy Syndrome

    My name should have been Lucy. You know, the 1950’s sitcom about the crazy redhead married to Ricky Ricardo. She and Ethel were always getting into some kind of trouble or crazy situation.