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  • Agreements and Vows

    Agreements and Vows

    Lately I’ve been reading through John Eldredge’s Restoration Year devotional. I had saved it for a whole year and a half. I did want to get through my other morning readings first before I started this one. But it was almost as if I sensed I wasn’t ready for restoration. Or maybe I was thinking it might be too much work. But as I’ve gone through each day, I’ve realized I started it in just the right year.

    This year has required us to sequester in our homes due to Covid-19. It’s given me time to reflect, to pray deeply, to journal more. Of course, I have to choose that over binge-watching Little Fires Everywhere, or Dead to Me. But when I have made the choice,

  • Forgiveness: What is it?
    Got Questions

    Forgiveness: What is it?

    Forgiveness is one of the most challenging and complex things we are called to as followers of Christ. It’s a calling that often convicts our hearts as we’re wracked with guilt over how we feel about someone else. And the word forgiveness often leaves us with a sense of Christian duty, yet we scream inside: