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  • Create Space & Listen

    Create Space & Listen

    “What happens when we create space and listen?”

    If you look around on a Sunday, you might get the impression that the church is really good at two things: 1) taking up space and 2) making noise. We’ve got a big building with people and programming happening all over the place, plus we do a lot of singing, teaching, praying, and announcing. We take up space and we make noise on a regular basis—and I believe those are good things.

  • A Invitation to Belong

    A Invitation to Belong

    I missed this church. I missed you.

    I was away from IBC all summer on a three-month pastoral sabbatical, which was, of course, wonderful. My family and I had the opportunity to travel and spend time together, and I got to do more than my share of reading, writing, and letting Jesus do some work on me.

  • Becoming Unshakeable in a Turbulent World

    Becoming Unshakeable in a Turbulent World

    Have you skimmed the headlines at any point in the last four months? Have you perused your social media feeds at least once since Spring Break, or should it be Spring Broke? I assume you have, so I assume you know what I know: the world is a hot mess. We’re experiencing disruption in every sphere and facet of our world, from an international scale to our daily lives.

  • How can I plan my life and trust God’s will?
    Got Questions

    How can I plan my life and trust God’s will?

    Our plans are—and have always been—subject to change without notice. Again, this has always been true. I just tend to forget it during long stretches of what feels like enduring calm and unchecked agency.

  • The Gospel of John Daily Devotional Series
    Faith & Belief

    The Gospel of John Daily Devotional Series

    Beginning Wednesday, March 18, Barry Jones and our staff will lead a devotional each weekday journeying through the Gospel of John.

  • Hope in Dark Times

    Hope in Dark Times

    What does a transformed people and a transformed city really look like? We'd say it looks like Jerry and Terrance.