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  • Imperfect Love
    Hope & Healing

    Imperfect Love

    Everybody knows that there are different types of “love”. Clearly, loving Target (which I do) and loving your newborn child are two very different things! I mean, I would assume… my husband and I don’t have children. But we do have a dog, and spending time with her definitely evokes different emotions than spending time perusing the Target dollar section!

  • Get A Life

    Get A Life

    Going into 2010, my New Year's resolution was to “get a life”. I was 26, single and worked a high-stress job. I had struggled to make and keep a friend group since elementary school, so my friends had changed based on life stage. High school friends were lost when I went to college; college friends were lost when we graduated and scattered across the country. The few people I had reconnected with after moving back from college were getting married and having kids at breakneck speed. I did attend a local church, but it felt like I was in some no-man's land between “right out of college” and “newly married”.

    Since I didn’t really fit the demographic of any of the small groups that were offered, I chose to tag along with my friends who attended the “newly married” group.

  • What does the Bible say about disabilities?
    Got Questions

    What does the Bible say about disabilities?

    But all things that bring glory to God will remain. I have seen incredible joy, hope, and unconditional love embodied by many people with disabilities. There is no need to “heal” those gifts. And I believe that those who praised and exalted God on earth despite great challenges and pain will be lifted up high and celebrated.

  • God's Presence is Undeniable

    God's Presence is Undeniable

    Some may see that as irreverent, but you can’t deny the presence of God in that room. It is tangible, and I believe that all of heaven is dancing and cheering right along with us!

  • Myths & Tips
    IBC Stories

    Myths & Tips

    I have wondered for many years why people shy away from interacting with individuals who act or look differently because of a disability.

  • When Tragedy Becomes A Gift

    When Tragedy Becomes A Gift

    What started off as tragedy and loss, turned into a gift for one family, IBC, and the Irving community.