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  • A Thoughtful Spot to Rest

    A Thoughtful Spot to Rest

    “This looks like a thoughtful spot to rest,” said Pooh. Winnie the Pooh knew Christopher Robin would come for a visit, so he sat at the edge of the meadow on the log beneath the tree to wait and rest.

    These are trying days in all the ways that days can be trying. Are you at rest like Pooh, knowing in your knower that our strong and faithful God is watching over us?

    Some days, I can answer positively, but if I’m honest, some days my thoughts are more like Tigger. I’m bouncing, trouncing, flouncing, and pouncing from here to there and back, lost in the fog of the emotions that so easily come…the thoughts and wonderings of the unknowns…is that a Heffalump?