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  • Advent Around the World

    Advent Around the World

    The Advent season is a time for reflection, anticipation, excitement and family traditions. Our family loves to cook and buy ornaments. Each year, we pull out our favorite recipes and the treasured ornaments we’ve collected that remind us of past holiday experiences.

  • A Legacy of Faith

    A Legacy of Faith

    This year as I process Black History Month, I am drawn to the memories of women in my family and the legacy of faith that they built in my life. As a black female pastor in a mostly white church, I have struggled with believing that I am qualified for the position I hold. That perhaps some would only see me as a diversity hire or a check box. When I begin to believe those lies, God reminds me that I come from a long line of black women of faith.

  • Known + Loved
    IBC Stories

    Known + Loved

    I remember as a young twenty-something in my first seminary class, my professor would repeat the phrase, "embrace the tension."