Father God

By Sunitha John
In Hope & Healing
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Let me not dissolve into the chaos of the world,

nor my resolution fade into fear crafted images.

Cover me under Your pinions. And while there,

remind me of Your daily mercies and Your

undying grace; forged in Your redeeming love.

The battle is great, far beyond what I can fathom.

Man’s time cannot measure it, nor contain it.

Let me not tire under the falsehood of the enemy.

Rather, keep me unhinged, standing on Your truth.

I dare not trust myself for I shall surely perish.

I will thrive indeed in Your limitless wisdom.

Fold my heart into Your overwhelming peace.

I will wait for You in hope, still and resolute.

God Almighty, Creator King,

You are Lord and Father of my soul.

Poem by Sunitha John
IBC Mending the Soul Leader

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