Best Week Ever!

By Jared Barnett
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Summer Camp, it feels like sunshine, smell likes sunscreen, sounds like a splash into the pool, and tastes like watermelon and french fries.  Okay, maybe sometimes it feels like a bad sunburn. I get it. And, to be fair, the smells aren’t always great. I mean, just consider the distinct aroma of Middle & High School guys cabins. Yeesh.  But there’s just nothing like summer camp for IBC Students!  We are passionate about our students meeting Jesus, learning to trust and follow him, and dreaming big about living as missionary disciples. This is why we craft simple and powerful weeks away to help our students experience the impact of God’s transforming love.  This June, our Middle School Ministry ventured out to Lake Brownwood Christian Retreat! One amazing part of Middle School Camp is the Student Leadership exhibited by our High School students who serve in nearly every capacity including games, worship, small group leadership, and preaching. Here is what our Middle School Pastor, Moses Uvere, said about Middle School camp this year: “We reflected on the theme of freedom in Christ — what it means to be truly set free from the perspectives that our society may push us toward. We explored scripture throughout Galatians 5 and centered our time on being set free in God’s grace, set free in our identity, and set free to humbly love others. Seeing our High School students love and serve our Middle Schoolers was beautiful and inspiring. It truly captures the heart of the church. We had several students commit their lives to Christ, commit to joining a community of discipleship, and commit to being baptized. God has proven to be faithful once again in our church. He is alive and moving!”  This July, our High School Ministry road-tripped to Gulf Shores Christian Retreat in Gulf Shores, AL for Beach Camp! It’s an amazing experience to get away from our normal context of life, disconnect from our normal tech usage, and see the glory of God on display. High School Camp is a powerful time of life-change and deepening friendships. The truth of God is proclaimed through preaching and worship while living in community is experienced through time enjoying at the beach and connecting in small groups.  We encouraged our High Schoolers to dare to dream big with God. Walking through the rollercoaster life of Joseph in Genesis 37-50, students engaged the truth of God’s faithfulness in our life. Here’s a key quote from the week: “Even when we cannot trace God’s hand, we can trust God’s heart.” Dream big. Be transformed. Live your purpose.  I want to say THANK YOU, IBC family, for making our camps possible for so many students. Your faithful financial investing, your generosity in providing scholarships, your time spent praying over us, and, for many of you, your hands-on serving to disciple the next generation. Like the Scripture says in Psalm 145, “One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts. They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty…”  Let’s keep doing this together because transformed people can transform a city.  

 For the gospel, 


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