By Jared Barnett
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“Mission Impossible 7” hit theaters across the country this week. The first movie released in 1996 when I was just a kid. I remember wanting to be a secret agent like Ethan Hunt, which at one point ended up with me accidentally breaking a window to complete my mission. Sorry, Mom.

In the first film, Ethan meets the surprising arms dealer, Max. During this conversation Max poses two questions that have replayed in my mind over the years:

“Who are you and what are you doing here?”

This line has captured me for two reasons: 1) Max places such deliberate oratory emphasis on the words that you can’t help but quote or meme them later, and 2) Because these questions are potent and relevant to life.

The identity question is a potent question in our time. Or as many theologians, philosophers, sociologists and psychologists agree—the identity question is the question for all time.

Our next sermon series is called Identity, and it’s kicking off this Sunday. We’re taking four weeks to explore identity through the life and writings of a man named Paul. His story represents perhaps the most radical and influential identity shift in all of Scripture.

Who was Paul and how did Jesus the Messiah transform his identity? I think we’ll be surprised by the answers. And if you know someone who needs to hear the life-changing truth of the gospel, this would be a great series to invite them to. Never underestimate the power of an invitation!

See you Sunday, IBC.

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