For All to See

By Andy McQuitty

I wrote my last post as a prayer in response to the Orlando terrorist shootings. Sadly, now as I write these words, I’m watching the real time news reports about the Istanbul airport terrorist bombing. As I do, I am reminded of the sobering fact that, whether we intend it or not, the actions of adherents to any religious faith actually paint a picture of their god for all the world to see.

It’s easy for us Christians to condemn radical terrorists for painting such a horrid picture of their bloodthirsty, vengeful god. But it is not easy for us Christians to honestly ask what picture our actions in the world paint of our God. Our picture may not be as off-putting as that of the terrorists, but is it as attractive as Christ’s?

Jesus said in John 12:32, “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.”

Jesus’ actions of love and compassion and self-sacrifice and grace reached a focal point in the cross, and painted such a beautiful picture of God there that all people are drawn to Him.

We Christians are Christ’s hands and feet in the world today. So I ask again, are our actions, like Christ’s, painting such a beautiful picture of God that all people are drawn to Him? Something tells me we’ve got work to do!

That’s why the IBC Teaching Team has launched a new summer sermon series called BLESS. We want to learn what the Bible says we believers can do for other people that will encourage them to see our God in a new way and be drawn to Him.

We want to learn as a church how to write the most beautiful, gracious, appealing, and loving definition of our Jesus possible!

I am weary of and frustrated by these global terrorist attacks that show no sign abatement. I know you are, too. But there is an alternative outlet for our energies in these days to just feeling frustrated and angry. We can pursue love and peace by doing all in our power to beautifully define our God and lift Jesus up every day in every way. I hope you will all be blessed in this endeavor by the BLESS series over the next five weeks!

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