Questions of Jesus

By Sissy Mathew
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My favorite teacher of all time was my 11th grade history teacher Mr. Bennington. What I loved about Mr. Bennington was that he asked really good questions. What I hated was that he rarely gave me the answers. History was about facts and events, so I thought he should just give me information that I could regurgitate back on the test for a good grade. That’s what I wanted, anyway, because it felt much easier than what he was asking me to do. Mr. Bennington was asking me to think critically. He asked thought provoking questions that caused me to reflect on the past so that it might impact the present and the future.

Like Mr. Bennington, our best teachers are not the ones who simply give us the answers, but rather listen and ask good questions so that we can better evaluate our own choices. This Sunday at IBC we are starting a new series focused on exploring some of the questions asked by the very best teacher we have: Jesus.

When we come to God, we often come with a lot of questions. These questions are important and valuable, and God welcomes them. But what if—rather than bring our questions to Jesus—we took a closer look at the questions that Jesus asks us. And Jesus asked a lot of questions! One writer notes that Jesus asked 307 questions throughout the Bible. These questions were meant to wake up his listeners and to stir a response. Today, his questions continue to provoke us, confront us, and challenge us. His questions cause us to think and reflect on our lives. They change us.

Join us over the next six weeks as we look at some of the questions Jesus asked so that we might reflect on our lives, learn from his teachings, and be transformed to live out the way of Jesus in our world. We’re kicking the series off this Sunday with what I believe is the most fundamental question of life, whether you’re a follower of Jesus or not. The question is this: Who do you say I am? It’s a question Jesus asked his disciples, one he asks us today, and I believe the way you answer it will shape the direction of your life. I can tell you it changed the trajectory of mine.

Join us starting this Sunday as we explore this question and more together through our series Questions of Jesus.

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