Annual Report 2021

What a year. 2021 featured some ups and downs, as well as some twists and turns, but as a church we got to experience God’s faithfulness and grace through it all. Take a few moments to read the updates and reflections below and celebrate some of the ways God worked in and through IBC last year.



VBS was a special experience in 2021, but the overwhelming highlight of the year was opening all our newly renovated Kids spaces to our families after being disrupted for so many months. Each week, kids come through our doors and learn the scriptures, engage in worship, and grow in their wonder of the Christian faith. At the beginning, all of our kids were meeting new teachers and trying to adjust to new spaces, but by the end of the year, we saw kids who didn’t want to leave their classroom because they had such a good time learning and growing with their group.


Youth at IBC had a focus on reigniting passion for God, community, and reaching others after a year of online-only ministry. Summer featured a powerful week at camp, serving on mission in San Antonio and Memphis, and small groups. Youth also launched new ministry programming in the fall with Youth Bible Study, Youth Formation Groups, and Youth Nights! We saw youth grow in Christ-centered community and biblical fluency over the course of 2021, which has paved the way for going deeper in 2022.


In 2021, Arise opened its brand-new, award-winning (ok, maybe not yet), state-of-the-art sensory space as part of our Next Up renovation. After opening in June, Arise welcomed 10 new families on Sundays. Arise also began reopening its Respite program, which served 29 families by giving the kids a night of fun and the parents a night of rest. When families who have a member with special needs come to IBC and see a space designed just for them, they feel welcomed in a way that goes beyond what many of them have ever experienced. And in return, we get the benefit of having them as a part of our church body! We benefit from their presence, their gifts, and the way that they worship.


In September 2021, we started a new worship development initiative called “Animate.” The goal is to equip and empower IBCers to serve the church through singing, playing instruments, and running tech. We had 11 participants go through this nine-week intensive where they learned how to cultivate a heart of worship and facilitate Christ-centered, Spirit-led sacred spaces. We are excited about what 2022 holds for this ministry as we look forward to kicking off our second experience on February 2nd.

After moving the ministry online in 2020, we were able to relaunch Formation in 2021. 2020 reminded us of our need for community in order to be faithful disciples of Jesus. For that reason, in 2021 we launched a new model of Formation groups in order to provide as many opportunities as possible for IBCers to find community. In this new model, the Formation journey begins with groups meeting on campus for the first module of our curriculum–Foundation. This is designed to help you grow as a follower of Jesus. After the first nine weeks, groups transition to meeting in homes and continue their discipleship journey using the Formation curriculum. We currently have 229 IBCers in 26 Formation groups, and we look forward to seeing that number grow as more people are connected deeply in community in 2022.



Even in the midst of so many unknowns, IBCers showed up in 2021 to donate and deliver Thanksgiving meals, purchase and fill backpacks full of school supplies, and serve weekly with our local mission partners. Our youth went shopping for Thanksgiving items, Formation groups created Christmas gift boxes for families struggling with homelessness, and so many IBCers got involved in myriad ways to show the love of Jesus to our city.

Bible Communities

After a year of flexing with Zoom meetings, 2021 saw our six Bible Communities get back to the joy of in-person gatherings. They enjoyed great fellowship and teaching in each of their classes on Sundays, as well as holiday gatherings outside of class.

The ever-generous hearts of our Thrive Bible Community came together to raise $5,000 to support one of our global mission partners, Lead Liberia. Lead Liberia used the funds to purchase a new engine for their ministry vehicle, which allows their ministry efforts to continue.

Hope and Healing

2021 allowed for in-person Hope & Healing ministries, where we saw 52 participants continue on their spiritual journey by finding emotional healing through our various classes on grief, abuse, and mental & relational health.


"Being Together is Reason to Celebrate" was the theme for Homecoming in August as we fully opened back up our building to our church body and surrounding community. This theme is true each week that we are able to gather together for worship. Worship is a way of life of truly being God’s image-bearers in the world.

During the season of Lent we shared stories from the stage of IBCers who are finding freedom through Jesus Christ—freedom from hurts, hangups, and habits. When we tell stories of transformation in the midst of struggles, we are pointing to the God who entered into our brokenness so that through him we can be made whole. In worship we want everyone to hear: “You are not alone in your brokenness—you belong here.”

We have brand-new ministry spaces!

In July of 2020, we started a renovation project centered around the next generation of IBC. Over the past year we opened up brand-new spaces for both our Kids and Youth Ministries–including a new indoor play area for the community. Our Arise Ministry now has their own, dedicated space and the large group meeting space, The Commons, is being used every week.


More than 300 women came together to study prayer this fall, and we concluded the semester knowing God and his character better and praying with more frequency and fervency. Women’s Bible Study participants went deep into Scripture, grew in relationship in their small groups, and felt a deeper understanding and purpose of prayer and how it helps us to connect with God.

A particular highlight of coming together as a community in 2021 was Rejoice, our annual women's Christmas celebration. We celebrated by seeing others we don't normally get to see, setting aside distractions, and enjoying dinner with friends–and thanking God for his goodness as we listened to stories of hope and wonder shared by our women. There is no doubt that we are better together.

Young Adults

2021 was a fun year for Young Adults. The ministry launched with a new format of gathering as a large group for a message and worship, and then ending with discussion groups. Summer featured meetups hosted by YA leaders, culminating with a ‘90s party at Toyota Music Factory. The party was fun and welcoming, the gospel was shared, and the mayor of Irving even made an appearance!

Throughout the year, Young Adults discussed important topics such as politics, purpose, and what it means to live a life of jubilee. Together, they grew in their faith and connected in deep community.


In addition to our weekly First Watch gathering on Friday mornings, something special happened in Central America. A team of business leaders went to Honduras in November to help train budding entrepreneurs on how to launch a successful business. In cooperation with Serve Hope Honduras, more than 70 people attended a two-day conference culminating in numerous people presenting their business plans in a Shark Tank-type event. Winning business plans were selected and given seed capital to implement their idea and start their business.

Also, we were alerted to an organization in Mexico ministering to inmates in Mexican prisons. We discovered thriving churches within the prisons with men whose hearts have been transformed by the gospel. As a result, leaders of the organization now join First Watch weekly, and we are involved in monthly conference calls with inmate pastors as well. Hundreds of lives are being impacted by the love of Jesus through this innovative and transformative ministry, and we’re grateful to be a part of it.


In October, Marriage at IBC launched Connecting Through Conflict, the ministry's first in-person class since before the pandemic. Over the course of four weeks, more than 30 IBC couples spent time connecting with one another and learning practical, tangible skills for navigating conflict. The feedback was so positive that plans are in the works to offer the class again in 2022!

Marriage at IBC is served by an amazing volunteer leadership team. They are an incredibly dynamic, committed group of IBCers who are passionate about transforming marriages for and through the Gospel, and it's lovely to see them engage with each other on behalf of the church they love.

God is calling us,

the people of Irving Bible Church, to become a multiethnic movement of missionary disciples formed in the way of Jesus for the sake of the world.

In 2022, we are praying that IBC will be formed and rooted in the way of Jesus by the rhythms through which he transforms us.

We are embarking on a year of sermons immersing us in the biblical story, a year of daily readings through the entire New Testament, and a year of ministry initiatives designed to take us deeper into scripture. So, grab a journal and follow along on The Daily (Facebook or podcast). It’s time to be formed in the way of Jesus.

For more info on 2022, visit here.

Giving at IBC

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