2020 Elder Candidates

The elders of Irving Bible Church are pleased to present the following candidates for the elder board.

All members of IBC are invited to vote in confirming these nominees at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 26. Register here so we can plan for lunch. 

Abe Paul

I was born in India and immigrated to the United States before I was two years old, growing up in New York. I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home and came to my own relationship with Jesus in early high school. I attended the University at Albany for my accounting degree and also earned an MBA in finance. It was at the University at Albany that I had my first chance to serve in ministry with various college ministries, including helping to start a college ministry called Indian Christian Fellowship.  

I currently work as the Chief Audit Executive at Celanese, a Fortune 500 global technology and specialty materials company. I am a certified public accountant and have worked for two of the Big Four accounting firms.

My wife, Betsy, and I met in Albany and moved to Texas now over 15 years ago. We have been married over 17 years and have two children, Elyssa and Elijah, and have called IBC our home for the last several years. We were first introduced to IBC through the tremendous special needs ministry. Betsy and I have served in various ministries at IBC, including women/men’s groups, Foundation, and most recently serving together in the choir. I am proud also to see my daughter Elyssa serve in the children’s ministry.  

I am passionate to see others come to fully experience the goodness of God’s grace and His faithfulness in their lives. Experiencing the joys and challenges of being a parent has allowed me to appreciate God as my good Father more deeply. 

We are glad to be part of the IBC family and join in the vision of the church to see a transformed people, including our family, partner in the work of the Lord in transforming our communities.

John Dyer

I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX to two parents who introduced me to Jesus at a young age. One night at the age of 3 or 4, I asked my dad how to get to heaven, and he told me I could ask Jesus into my heart. During my middle school and high school years, my mom continued to nurture my faith, and a youth leader deepened my understanding of God and his word.

 I went off to Texas A&M to study biochemistry and genetics in hopes of becoming a doctor, but I also volunteered with a church youth group and started working in technology. Looking back, I can see how God used those experiences to redirect my path to Dallas Theological Seminary. After moving to Dallas, I started attending Irving Bible Church, where I met my wife, Amber, the true scholar and socialite of our family. We were married in 2005 and have been blessed with two bright and hilarious kids, Benjamin and Rebecca, who are in grade school. Amber is a literature professor at Dallas Baptist University, where she shows students the wonders of God across the poetry of the ages.

 I now work as a professor and dean at DTS, and I love seeing students from all ages and backgrounds decide they want to begin or deepen their ministries. My wife and I have served in a variety of roles at IBC, from children’s ministry and youth group to singles and young adults. I currently serve as an usher in the 10:45 service where I get to challenge my introversion and try to make visitors feel welcome. I have always appreciated the way the community of IBC balances the faithful teaching of scripture and the care of those around us. I hope my family and I can continue to be transformed so we can embody Christ’s love to the city around us.

Kuruvilla (K.O.) Oommen

I was born in India, immigrated to the U.S. with my parents, and grew up in Houston, Texas. My family and I have called IBC our home for 12 years. I accepted Jesus as an 11-year-old, and recommitted my life to Christ at the age of 22.

My wife Anita and I have been married for 14 years. We have two children, Alaina (12) and Ian (8). My wife and children are all authors, and are constantly encouraging me to write a book, which I have now added to my bucket list.

For the past five years, I have served as a volunteer in Children’s Ministry. Anita serves as a co-table leader in Middle School Ministry, and for the past two years, Alaina has served as a Shout-Out in Zone Junior.

IBC has been both our church home and family, where we have received the amazing gifts of love, acceptance, and grace. We are passionate about personal recovery, particularly healing from past trauma, and believe that God uses us to make a powerful difference in the lives of others when we face our wounds and heal from them in safe places and through authentic relationships. We have experienced the life-transforming power of Jesus through our own healing journeys, and are committed to passing this gift of healing to others.

Professionally, I have worked as an attorney representing local governments for over 21 years. I earned a B.B.A. (Finance) and B.A. (Political Science) from the University of Houston, and a J.D. from the University of Texas. I have worked for the City of Irving for the past 12 years and currently serve as City Attorney. I love spending time with my family and close friends, traveling, reading, and an active lifestyle.